Friday, March 15, 2013

The Importance Of Pre- Ranking Except....

By the title of the post, this thought should be pretty much self explanatory. I'm a big believer in pre-ranking all of my players before heading into draft day. Although often a tedious exercise, it gives me a good idea of player value. For instance, maybe I really like Chris Carter ( which I do ) and I think he's going to hit 25 HR this season. Certain fantasy league sites might rank Carter well outside of the 300 top players. Instead of scrolling down a huge list of players, I just keeping picking from the top of my list. During a draft, I hate scrambling looking for players. I like to have the equivalent of a cheat sheet next to me.

It's also a must if you participate in online snake drafts where you only have 90 seconds to make a decision. Often, I have my player selected in mere seconds after my turn has begun. Not to mention technical failures! How many times in a draft have you seen where someone's computer fails, mid draft? They are at the mercy of the cursed default ranks which sometimes don't take into account recently injured players, or worse recently re-assigned players!

What really sucks is when a certain well known fantasy site has a bug in their Pre-rank web form list. Having ranked over 400 players, I almost cried when I hit save and the list came back empty! With no quick way of importing my ranks again, I had to rank over 400 players twice. An exercise in patience and blind determination.


So, don't forget to pre-rank your players.

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