Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brennan Boesch Fantasy Saviour.... Er

Honestly, I don't really think so. The Yankees are truly desperate at this point. They are trying to fill the gigantic outfield hole left from the Curtis Granderson injury. It's funny because I can already guarantee Boesch will end up on a few fantasy owner's sleeper lists. Here's why:

1. He's a Yankee
2. He's heading into his prime years ( age 27 season ).
3. He had one awesome year at AA a few seasons back.
4. He's got some pop, which will play nicely in new Yankee Stadium.

The reasons against him having any value this season?

1. The Tigers saw fit to send him to pasture.
2. He's not a player who's consistently produced at even a mediocre level.

Still, there is one giant reason why he's not on a last second sleeper list of mine : He can't hit the baseball!!!

Strong contact rates are the key to consistent major league success. If the Tigers weren't seeing any progress by Boesch this late in the spring, why consider him an option?

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