Monday, November 14, 2011

The Off-season Thus Far (Early November Edition)

There hasn't been much activity thus far although a few things to note:
  • Albert Pujols is being courted by the Marlins?  I can't see the star of the 2011 World Series playing in Miami next season but stranger things have happened.  The newly re-branded Miami Marlins have been mentioned in many free agent circles including:
  • Jose Reyes.  Again, mostly rumors and speculation but the Marlins are looking for some 'star' power as they begin playing games in their new home stadium.
  • Melky Cabrera for Jon Sanchez actually was a pretty good deal for both teams.  The Giants need some outfield help and the Royals are desperate for a pulse in their starting rotation.  For fantasy purposes, Sanchez could make for a sneaky strikeout sleeper in 2012 for AL Only types.  
  • I'm certain Ryan Madson makes more sense for the Phillies than the ineffective Jonathan Papelbon. Negotiations between the Phillies organization and Madson broke down pretty quickly.  Still,  that was just crazy money to give for a closer.  I don't see how this makes Philadelphia a batter a baseball team.  The Red Sox will obviously get by with John Bard who despite not having the role, certainly possesses closer skills.  Unless Boston brass does something crazy, Bard will be a strong fantasy closer going forward.  The baseball world is often slow to adopt or drop certain practices but paying top money for a closer is just a bad baseball business decision these days.  Its just so much more cost effective to groom internal options for the role.  Oakland's original bullpen model should be adopted league wide.   
  • Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp cashed in after what is an assured NL MVP season.  8 years and $160 Million from an owner-less team.  Have we learned nothing in this poor economic environment?
  • My personal opinion is that Aaron Hill's contract is too long. The former Blue Jay doesn't seem to be the same player since returning from a concussion.  I think until he can prove himself he should have been signed to a one year deal.
  • There are still plenty of free agents in the mix and we are just get started.  The Blue Jays are linked to everyone as their new approach is simply to be interested in every player. That being said, I don't see Pujols, Prince Fielder or C.J. Wilson playing north of the border.  

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