Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fielder Signs With Detroit - Baseball News - Jan. 25 2012

If you haven't read already, Prince Fielder signed a 9 year deal worth approximately $24 million per year.  Its pretty insane that I discussed that the Tigers would be a logical candidate to acquire him just the other day.  This is a fantastic deal for the Tigers in the now as they recently lost Victor Martinez for the season.  Suddenly two of the leagues most formidable bats will be in a lineup back to back.  This easily makes Detroit the favourite in the Central.  Fielder's fantasy value is likely to remain the same despite the change in venue.  I would expect a few hiccups though as he adapts to the new surroundings.  Long term, this will prove to be a bad deal for Detroit as Fielder is not a superb athlete and generally speaking those types of players age poorly.  Expect a large regression after his age 35 years.

In other news, Francisco Cordero signed a 1 year $4.5 million dollar deal with the Blue Jays which will round out a suddenly solid bullpen.  Cordero is expected to be the setup man for recently acquired closer Sergio Santos.

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